About Holland Health & Massage

hoilland-health-room-03Playing a Vital Role in Your Overall Health and Wellness

At Holland Health and Massage we are committed to achieving your goals by listening to your needs and creating a superior therapeutic service. Having been in the business of health and wellness for over 15 years, we have gained respect and quality reputation from clients in the North Shore, Lake County, IL and northern Chicago suburbs. We believe that our professional and therapeutic services play a vital role in your overall health and wellness.

We Treat the Source

At Holland Health, we will treat the source of your problem and concerns –  not only the symptoms. We care about you and want to help with your goals whether sports related, injury specific, or any other concerns or ailments.

Extensive Education & Experience

Shari Holland the owner of Holland Health, has extensive Therapeutic Massage Training and advanced degrees, which includes both a B.S. in Physical Education, and a M.S. degree in in Exercise Science and Adult Fitness, and can provide a truly customized treatment.

holland-health-room-02We have worked with professional athletes as well as weekend warriors! Our education, training and quality products will make your experience at Holland Health the highest quality in the area. We want you to be a repeat client and your satisfaction is our goal.

Conveniently Located

Located in Gurnee, IL, in Lake County north of Chicago, we have a beautifully decorated area for your comfort and relaxation. We love the best, so all products at Holland Health are organic and natural – Eminence from Hungary.

Wide Variety of Therapeutic Services and Products.

Please read about the services we offer. The variety of massage types,  a unique “A La Carte menu ”  and a gorgeous studio environment will help you heal and relax – mind, body and spirit.  We look forward to helping you look, feel and achieve your personal finest. You can have it all at Holland Health!

Holland Health owner Shari Holland
Holland Health distinguishes itself by providing a holistic approach that considers your specialized needs and offers a truly customized service. Shari Holland has an extensive background in both sports training and physical therapy and her knowledge of how the human body works is well beyond most therapists. Holland Health offers a wide variety of massage modalities, including sports, prenatal, hot stone and deep tissue massage.