Holland Health & Massage Testimonials

Shari’s utilization of different schools of massage, including deep tissue, Thai, thermal therapy were rejuvenating. She has an absolute mastery of the muscles in the body. All who attended said they came away from the experience feeling energized.

KBW, Lake Bluff

Shari provides a dazzling array of spa services with professionalism, expertise and most of all, the caring warmth and generosity of her commitment to making her clients feel relaxed and energized.

Janet, Winnetka, IL

I was referred to Shari Holland just after Mother’s Day in 2009. It is now May of 2014. I was suffering from and practically disabled by a severe sciatic nerve issue in my right leg. I could not walk more than ten feet without having to stop and rest. I had tried acupuncture and chiropractic care to no avail. The person who referred me said you have got to work with this woman and let her treat you. Since then I have been a weekly (without fail) client of Shari’s. I have had no reoccurrence and firmly believe that my ongoing treatment/deep tissue massage has been the answer, make that a lifesaver. I highly recommend her services. You will not be disappointed.

RW, Lake Bluff, IL

Mary, Jerry & I want to thank you so very much for the amazing massages and facials. You have quite a talent and your clients are very lucky. I wish we lived closer to Chicago. If you’re ever in Florida, please call us. We’d love to meet up with you again.

Becky, Jerry & Mary, Florida

It was such a pleasure to meet you last week and I look forward to seeing you again when I have more time spend at Boulder Lodge. Your massage was wonderful! You truly have a gift.

Warmest regards, Debra