Body and Skin Care

Treat your sun-damaged, environment exposed skin to our variety of treatments. Having clear, radiant, glowing skin feels good, gives you confidence and prevents premature aging.

Your skin is your largest organ – let’s take care of it.  Try one or all of our treatments to have you feeling your best and looking terrific!

Body Scrubs

Exfoliation has been around for thousands of years! The word exfoliation comes from the Latin word ex (take away) and folium (leaf). This basically means getting rid of leaves – or the treatment of ridding of the layer of dead skin cells on your body. The benefits of a body scrub are numerous. To start, it deeply exfoliates the skin to loosen dead skin cells below the surface.


The benefits of exfoliation include:

  • Assistance in skins own regenerative process
  • Aides in absorption of spa products applied
  • Thorough cleansing and promotes hygiene
  • Creates a healthy glow and radiant shine to the skin.

The body scrubs we use at Holland Health are our organic line of body products from Eminence. You can pick the one that best fits your skin type.

How it Works:

The scrubs will be removed with hot towels followed with a massage to stimulate circulation, moisturize the new skin and increase natural healing energy. The hydrating lotion used will compliment the type of scrub used on your body.

Body Wraps

Body wraps, also known as body masks and body packs, are important in aiding detoxification, re-mineralization and rejuvenation of the skin and entire body. Exfoliation is always performed prior to application of a body mask, to aid the body’s absorption process. The body mask is applied while on the table in the supine (on back) position. Once applied you will be wrapped in the thermal blanket for approximately ten minutes. While the “mud” is rejuvenating your skin, a scalp massage will be given. Then, without taking a shower, the therapist will remove all mud with hot moist towels.

The process will be completed with a hydrating lotion/oil. Your skin will be exfoliated, re-mineralized, rejuvenated and moisturized in one easy relaxing treatment. This procedure takes between 60 to 90 minutes. The longer session includes a longer massage!

Please read on the types of masks, from Eminence Organic, we offer at Holland Health. The mask selections will change with the seasons, so continue to read our current offerings for each season! The service is recommended at least once a month. In the summer, when you are out in the sun and your skin is exposed, it needs more care.