Safe Tan – Instant Color

Safe Tan is an aloe vera based safe tan, which contains moisturizers and humectants. A small amount of evaporative SD-alcohol allows Safe Tan to dry quickly without drying the skin. The food-grade cosmetic colors, with plant extracts, will create your own individualized tan shade. Safe Tan will penetrate the top three layers of skin, will last a week and gradually fade like a real tan.

holland-health-safe-tan-1Safe Tan has a shelf life of 10 months and can be extended by refrigeration. The product dries within 5 minutes so you can dress immediately after painting. It will not rub off on clothes and it will not stain fabric.

Weekly use will soon eliminate the need for topical moisturizers.

Preparation Stage:

Before having Safe Tan applied, shower or bathe with a deodorant bar soap (not liquid, gel, glycerin or moisturizing soap). Safe Tan must be the first thing on clean skin. If this step isn’t followed, you will get color, but it won’t last as long and will be harder to apply. It isn’t necessary to exfoliate, but this can be done by our massage therapist prior to your tan application. (See information on body scrubs.) This application will take 1 hour and after you can take this 2 fl. oz. bottle with you to reapply as needed.