A La Carte Services

Add any of these services to enhance your massage experience. The length of your selected base treatment will be the same. The price is for the additional service required and the high-quality products used at Holland Health.




A variety of essential oils are added to our own base / carrier massage oil. The fragrance of an essential oil can directly affect your emotional state to your lifespan. The stimulation of the aroma to the nerve cells triggers responses in the brain. They can be used to combat stress and emotional trauma & can also stimulate production of hormones – energy or longevity!


Paraffin Wrap

Dip your hands in a paraffin wax at the beginning of the massage to help soften your overworked hands. This is an added luxury for your experience, not only for women, but for men. This treatment helps soften calluses and the warmth will help alleviate arthritic pain as well. After the wax penetrates, you will be treated to a wonderful hand massage.


Thai Herbal Balls

Add Thai Herbal Ball Treatment to any of our massages – not only to the Thai Massage! Heated in water,  these herbal balls aide muscle balance and offer healing properties due to the combinations of herbs. Types of Herbs included are all for their healing properties.


Hot Stones

The warmth of hot stones helps aching muscles and is the ultimate relaxation. Lava stones maintain the heat and will be used with the massage. Use of stones in the gliding techniques and placement of stones helps restore your natural energy.

Tan Application

Want an all over even tan? Who better to apply it than your massage therapist? This service an be at the end of your massage or a solo service. We use a quality tan product called Safe Tan. If you are looking for a safe tan – this is it! With the perfect application, there are no streaks or uneven application!

More About Our Safe Tan