Deep Tissue Massage

Holland Health’s Deep Tissue Massage:

Our deep tissue massage will help relax deep layers of muscle tissue, release entrapped nerves, release adhesions in muscle layers, brake up fibrotic buildup (scar tissue), restore blood flow to ischemic areas; all of which contribute to muscle tissue pathologies.

Soft tissue pain can be caused by perpetuating factors (such as posture at certain tasks day after day) but these factors can be altered or changed to relieve pain or discomfort. These conditions may take time to improve depending on how long the condition and causal factors have existed.

holland-health-deep-tissue-massageTrigger Points:

The therapist will use more intense pressure where the pain or discomfort is located, a trigger point. A trigger point is  hyper irritability in a tissue that when compressed is basically tender and if hypersensitive can cause referred pain & tenderness to other areas of the body, not necessarily where the source of the problem but the symptom. We will treat the source of the problem and get results.  This massage also requires verbal communication with therapist/client to locate exact “Epi centers” of pain and report level of discomfort when pressure is applied.

Is This Type of Massage For You?

If you are experiencing pain from overuse, postural, old injury “never got better”, “physical therapy didn’t work”, repetitive actions that are causing muscle imbalance, this treatment is for you. Unlike the injury specific massage, this includes a complete full body massage with the focus on your specific hurting area.

The therapist will use moist heat (not packs) to soften the muscle tissue along with other massage aides, prossage to warm the tissue, and  Biofreeze to help with inflammation. This massage is full body and can be up to 90 minutes long so you will be able to leave with relief of acute pain.

A maintenance schedule will be discussed to relieve your symptoms and get to the source of the problem. Typical 1-2 times a week and eventually a maintenance massage to keep balanced, regulated energy flow in your body. Recommendations of your “homework” will be given. You will need to help us help you!