Sports Specific Massage

The Sport Specific Massage from Holland Health is excellent for golf, tennis, squash, cycling, running, paddle, weight-lifting, football, volleyball and for athletes of any age and ability.

What is Sports-Specific Massage?

holland-health-sports-specific-massageIncluded in this massage treatment will be assisted stretching for muscles required in your specific activity. PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) will be performed with help of therapist. Passive stretching, hold-relax, contract-relax, and contract-relax-antagonist-contract stretching will be performed depending on clients flexibility range and comfort. By using assisted stretching, you will be able to reach deeper stretch and create a longer muscle which results in stronger muscle.

Aides used in Sports Massage

Massage aides include: Prossage, Biofreeze, cryotherapy ice and moist hot packs.
Recommendations for at-home stretching will be given. Aides are available for purchase. Foam rollers, yoga straps, exercise balls along with Biofreeze all can be purchased at the end of the massage session so you can use them at home.

Help with Many Sports Related Conditions

holland-health-sports-specific-massage-01Some of the sport-specific conditions we have helped or prevented through massage: tendonitis, carpal tunnel, back disc-bulging (which an lead to herniated disc) plantar fasciitis,  and piriformis  syndrome.

The sports enthusiast can, in repeated overuse, cause injury that massage, if incorporated at the initial time of the sport, can keep these pathologies at bay and prevent loss of participation due to injury. A cortisone shot is a Band-Aid ,and more frequently than not the symptom will re-appear because the source of the problem wasn’t addressed.

The massage therapist, trained in Sports-Related Massage, will address soft tissue integrity and balance which will stop potential injuries and keep injuries to tolerable at best.

Activity is the Key

Stay active – don’t lose out on participation and joy of your sport. Be proactive!