Helping Clients with Oncology or Cancer with Massage Therapy

We all seem to know someone who if fighting cancer. Unfortunately, that is a harsh reality.  Because I care for my clients, I needed to be prepared to massage this condition for any of my clients who would benefit by this aspect of massage therapy.  I researched where to get this added training and decided to complete a four day inclusive training with Tracy Walton in Boston, Massachusetts.  Tracy is a pioneer in the field of massage therapy and cancer. She is a researcher, educator, writer and massage therapist, and has  developed guidelines that are already at work in hospitals, massage schools, and clinics across the country. We were a small group bringing a variety of experiences – mostly massage therapists, some nurses and all of us wanting to learn “how to help every client with this medical condition”.  I learned so much and am proud to say that I am skilled and knowledgeable on how to help with oncology client’s well being.


How Massage can help Clients with Oncology

Massage can help with anxiety, can reduce stress, aid in pain relief as well as offer caregivers a needed break; so it can help both the patient and the care-giver.  It is important that a client with cancer receives a massage from a therapist skilled and knowledgeable as to the side effects, types of cancers, and particular needs of cancer patients.  If a therapist doesn’t have the necessary training, sometimes massage can make the patient feel worse.  A therapist wants to do no harm!  And knowing “what to do” is vital for the experience to be helpful in relieving the pain or reducing anxiety.


Massage can be a Gift for Someone You Love

If you know someone that could use a healing touch, or if you would like more information and education about the concerns of oncology, please contact us.  We will be happy to help you and guide you to the best way to help your loved one with cancer.


Shari Holland

Shari Holland is the owner of Holland Health located in Gurnee, Illinois (Lake County, Illinois) As a professional therapeutic massage therapist, exercise trainer, and sports fitness trainer, she offers sports fitness training as well as  professional therapeutic massage to rid muscles of trigger points, adhesions and tightness. Shari has a Bachelors Degree in Physical Education, a Masters Degree in Exercise Science and Adult Fitness, graduated from the Chicago School of Massage and has advanced training in massage for cancer patients.