Eminence Products

Holland Health proudly offers premium handmade organic skin care. Treat your skin to products that impart vitality, tone and radiance to your skin.


Eminence Products treats your senses and skin to high quality Hungarian ingredients with an old world knowledge of herbs and fruits.


Customized to your Skin Type

We can help you choose the products which suit your skin type and to target skin conditions which as acne, rosacea or severe dryness.

Eminence - A Green Company

Eminence is committed to keeping the planet green in all aspects from farming, harvest, green packaging, to getting the products to you.

Questions About Eminence Products

How can I purchase Eminence Products?

To Purchase:

For the entire collection of Eminence Products go to the Eminence Organics Website.  Let us know what you’d like to order and we will place the order promptly.  Some popular items and seasonal items we have in stock at the Holland Health Massage Studio.  Eminence can only be ordered through a distributor and we are among the the few distributors in the North Shore Chicago Area.

We know that you will enjoy and be relieved to use a quality product for the money you spend, and most importantly to see and feel the real difference Eminence can make in your skin.

What type of guarantee does Eminence Organics have?

Eminence Organics Guarantee

All products are guaranteed for complete satisfaction or money returned or item replaced.  Eminence is an all organic, green company from Hungary.  U.S. products are approved by the U.S. standards to be labeled organic and sold under the organic label.

Can I use Eminence with my Skin Condition?

Eminence is customizable!

All products can be customized to your needs, skin type, age and the results you are attaining. Call if you need help with decisions!

Do you use Eminence Products at your studio?

Yes! We use Eminence Products at our Studio.

Eminence is a quality, natural (no perfumes added) product, and at Holland Health quality is our top priority.  Whether you receive a massage, facial, or body wrap, expect top quality care and top quality products!

Holland Health Offers other Product Lines

  • Exercise Balls
  • Foam Rollers
  • Yoga Bands
  • Exercise Bands / Tubing
  • Prosage
  • Biofreeze

Give your loved one a gift for massage, in-home services or another other service or product that Holland Health offers!

Try Eminence Today

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