In the midst of winter it is the time to evaluate the progress of our New Year resolutions! Are you on track? Over my entire career of personal training and helping clients attain their goals – here are a few tops. Simple – your probably know them – but worth repeating.

  1. Set Goals
    • Short term – each week attainable goals
    • Long term – in a month, six months, etc.
    • In the goals you TRAIN for your goal.
  2. Restore
    • This is the part most skip. A rest is needed and this is different than stopping. When you rest is when you gain strength. This is where sleep, MASSAGE, and nutrition come to play in the goals. Massage can help rid the body of toxins from exercise and prepare the body to enter the training phase again.
  3. Compete
    • COMPETE in your first 5K or marathon or feel great that you reached your ideal weight. Congratulations! The next item is key to permanent changes.
  4. Repeat
    • Yes – REPEAT #1-3!
    • This never stops! You now make the new you – permanent! All the hard work now is called maintain.
    • GOOD WORK – if you need help call Holland Health. We have been in the physical fitness component for thirty years!!!

Reach out & make your goals reality!

Shari Holland

Shari Holland is the owner of Holland Health located in Gurnee, Illinois (Lake County, Illinois) As a professional therapeutic massage therapist, exercise trainer, and sports fitness trainer, she offers sports fitness training as well asĀ  professional therapeutic massage to rid muscles of trigger points, adhesions and tightness. Shari has a Bachelors Degree in Physical Education, a Masters Degree in Exercise Science and Adult Fitness, graduated from the Chicago School of Massage and has advanced training in massage for cancer patients.