Women & Weight Training

After writing some blogs, I thought I’d ask my son if he had any ideas that I could write about.  He was a collegiate athlete – Division III football all four years at Wesleyan University.  Now he is a football & softball coach at the high school level and soon to teach History.  He is an avid workout-gym guy and knows how to exercise!  He suggested writing about the misconception of women and weight training!  I am taking his suggestion.

First of all, this misconception has been around for DECADES! We, being in the “industry of fitness”, must have missed the mark.  I couldn’t believe a young person, my son, an athlete, still sees that women don’t realize or have been uneducated on the benefit of weight training.


Listen – here is what we know about women & weight training:

FACT #1:   Women will not  get bodybuilding muscles like men. We don’t have the testosterone to get that kind of muscle. So lift weights – not just 1 or 2 pounds  – because you won’t get big! Instead, you will gain strength & muscle tone.

FACT #2Muscle utilizes calories. Lifting weights helps maintain or even helps you lose weight. Aerobic exercise doesn’t help you gain muscle – only lifting weights or resistance training does this.


Weight training  Professional Services from Holland Health!

So stop all the unnecessary aerobic exercise to lose weight and go lift weights!

Ask a professional trainer what to do, how to start and you will reap the rewards.  I started as a personal trainer 30 years ago – with a master’s degree in Exercise Physiology, so you can listen to me.  Weight training is the way to go!

Your body and weight management will thank you.  Call me today and let’s get started lifting weights and experiencing the health benefits.

Let’s end the misconception of “women and getting big” once and for all.  Be well.


Shari Holland

Shari Holland is the owner of Holland Health located in Gurnee, Illinois (Lake County, Illinois) As a professional therapeutic massage therapist, exercise trainer, and sports fitness trainer, she offers sports fitness training as well as  professional therapeutic massage to rid muscles of trigger points, adhesions and tightness. Shari has a Bachelors Degree in Physical Education, a Masters Degree in Exercise Science and Adult Fitness, graduated from the Chicago School of Massage and has advanced training in massage for cancer patients.